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One 2 One 

Are you overwhelmed and have no idea where to start when doing your own makeup?

Are you a beauty enthusiast who would like more in-depth learning than You-tube allows?



Then this one on one lesson is perfect for you! 




From essential skincare routines to a colour matching foundation, blush and contouring, product choices and much more – you will walk away feeling confident applying your own makeup and understanding which products and colours are right for you.



The Experience


This workshop aims to equip you with essential makeup so that you can create your own best-suited looks.


One-on-one lessons will be held at our studio.



Together with Mahes, our trainer,  you complete your makeup look from start to finish. She teaches you what products to use and how best to apply them.


With half your face done by Mahes whilst you do the other half so you can practice and replicate the techniques to master your application.


We do not represent specific brands and so your lesson is not sales or brand focused.


You can trust us and we will give you unbiased advice when it comes to the right products for you.





You leave the studio with notes, to help you refresh your knowledge at home. You also receive a  face chart which breaks down your makeup look and includes a list of products used.


What to bring? 

We encourage you to bring along your own makeup bag so that our trainer can help you build on your current routine and suggest improvements or tips.


Our trainer will also help train you on the products you need to purchase to give you the professional look. You are never alone with Beauty5PRO.



Our lessons are for those wanting to master both a day and evening look. It’s gives you more time to play and practice on your make up skills.

















Course Content



Customised skincare techniques for your skin type and condition

Recognize the best colours and tones that suit you

Choosing and applying the right eyeshadow for work

Choosing and applying the eyeliner with and without wing 

Curling lashes and applying mascara

Drawing eyebrows

Fixing False Eyelashes for events 

Choosing and applying the correct foundation

Applying the blusher 

“Sculpting” your face through shading and highlighting techniques

Concealing your imperfections 

Choosing and applying the right lipstick

Setting your makeup to last the whole day

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1 Pax

3 Hours




2 Pax

3 Hours



Photo 1-1-00, 12 01 42 AM.jpg

Group of 4

3 Hours



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