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Guest /personal Makeover 

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Are you attending a wedding or a special event as a guest and would like a makeover done at the comfort of your own home ? You are then at the right page !

Please take note that personal makeover bookings are only booked in ( earliest )

 2 months prior to your event date as I leave my calendar open for a Bride. So for an instance, if your event is in Novemeber 2024, you can book me in September 2024. I do not take in personal makeover bookings 3 or more months in advance. Thank you ! 


1 . How early can I book you for personal / guest makeoer services ? 

2. Do you provide saree-pleating service for personal makeovers ?

3. What is the maximum number of people can you do per booking ? 

4. Are there additional charges for appointments which has to start earlier than 5am ? 

5. Will you be bringing an assistant? 

6. Do you provide flowers for personal makeovers? 

7. Do you provide rental of accessories for personal makeovers? 

8. Do you provide hair extensions for personal makeovers ? 

9. Are there any discount in prices for simple makeovers? 

10. Cancellation of events - Strictly no refunds and deposit will be forfeited.

Cancellation of services

Once a booking is confirmed with a deposit, we do not allow for cancellations of additional services. If in case a cancellation is needed, your total balance will still remain the same and no amount will be minused off. The balance payment will remain the same.

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